Fat-Loss With Freedom

For those clients that want more help and accountability with losing fat sustainably and their nutrition we offer Fat Loss With Freedom

Fat Loss With Freedom is a program where we coach you virtually for 6 weeks on your nutrition, tracking your macros, and creating sustainable weight loss without being a slave to the kitchen or giving up your favorite foods. 

In the program you get access to our weekly coaching calls and live workouts to keep you accountable.

On the calls you'll not only learn about the science behind the food you eat, fat-loss, and your bodies nutritional needs but also HOW to put it all into practice consistently and without it taking over your life.

LEVEL 2 or Fat-loss With Freedom is a specialized program for people who want to learn a way to lean down for life. 

We've found through working with our clients that accountability and nutrition is the thing most people struggle with. 

That's why we created this program. 

If you're looking for more help with your workouts, form, and in general more attention from your trainer than you can apply for 1:1 coaching

We recommend booking a call with our team before joining any program beyond the basic Fitness With Freedom LEVEL 1 membership to make sure it's right for you and your needs.


However if you've already done one of our other programs or know someone in the program and are ready to sign up you can do so from the website.