Weighted Dips- The ultimate pressing exercise

Weighted dips are one of my all time favorite exercises, and are one of the two only exercises I do for my upper body when I’m short on time. Yet I rarely see anybody doing them. Which is a shame, because it’s a very functional exercise that you can progress on quick as hell. Here I’m doing 105 lbs attached for 5. See most people in the gym are doing tons different exercises from triceps extensions to chest flys to “isolate” every muscle and hit it from the perfect angle. This type of training romanticizes and over simplifies your bodies system for building muscle as people believe that they’re chest will grow simply by preforming the right exercise, instead of training the body as a whole, understanding basic movement patterns, and remembering the most important thing to building muscle PROGRESSION. I have spent years following those types of protocols, spinning my wheels, not getting the results I wanted. I know how frustrating it can be, as it feels like your hard work is being wasted. This may seem harsh, but if you’re doing the same exercises with the same weight, week after week, why would your body have to grow?

Furthermore, wouldn’t it make more sense to train movement patterns that human beings have been around since time in memorial like moving ourselves through space like trees or our environment, running, jumping, and lifting heavy things in a way that is functional and maximizes performance. Instead of Focusing on the “mind to muscle connection”. See the bodybuilding community has been promoting this training style for many years because it works for people on steroids whose body has a completely different response to training. Going lighted and focusing on a wider range of exercises might be beneficial if you’re a beginner and just starting to learn about how your body works, but leads your progress plateauing and frustration long term.

If you want to start training in a more holistic way and want to know the other 3 exercises that I do when I’m story on time check out my free fitness guide. 

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