Key Nutrients You're Probably Deficient In


We are all aware of calories and eating less too lose weight. But in a society that has a tendency to get caught up in aesthetics and outward appearance, we often lose touch with what food really is. -

Food has 2 components,




Calories are the energy our body uses.

Nutrients are the raw materials our bodies use. -

If you are deficient in any key nutrients it will adversely affect your health

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin, involved in metabolic regulation, hormones, mood, bone density. Luckily this vitamin is really easy to get with just a few minutes in the sun everyday. If you’re someone that doesn’t live by the equator or doesn’t have good sun year round. I would highly recommend supplementing vitamin D. Seasonal depressive disorder is very real, but also preventable.

B12- this key nutrient is primary function is to regulate mood. Many of us don’t get enough in this diet. Particular those that are vegan or vegetarian as there are very few plant based foods that have adequate B12. The other great thing about this supplement is that it’s water soluble(meaning you piss out excess if you have too much) so there’s no fear of taking in a little extra.

Iodine-this nutrient is key in metabolic functioning, supported by your thyroid. This nutrient is only really found in fish, seaweed, and other sea mineral rich foods. If you’re not having much of that in your diet, you’re probably deficient in it. For an easy/cheap solution, just pick up some Iodized salt the next time you’re in the grocery store instead of regular. I wanted to make this post because I think the information is important. Yet when’s the last time your doctor asked you questions like these?

At the end of the day remember, your health is your responsibility, not your doctors.

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